March 03, 2011

Forecast Forensics + Digital Profiles: Growth And Decline

Before we get to spreadsheet-intensive simulations, let's take a quick look at how counts within each Digital Profile evolved over the past three years (click here to contact me for your customized Forecast Forensics + Digital Profile project).

The red lines represent the most valuable Digital Profiles.  The biggest growth profile is "The Future of Multi-Channel", a profile that includes significant Mobile and Social purchases.  Declines are in the older-school e-commerce and multi-channel segments.  It may well be that cannibalization is underway, given that these profiles possess comparable value.

The biggest level of growth happened in "Mobile Mavens", a mid-value Digital Profile inhabited by mobile shoppers.

Catalogs Are Dead is growing at a significant rate, recall that this is a pure e-commerce Digital Profile.  Couple this with declines in Cheap Catalog Items and Pricey Catalog Items, and we may be seeing the continued evolution of the customer base.  Also notice that Web Masters and Pricey Website Performance are in decline.  This is a customer file that is evolving in stages, away from catalog to e-commerce, then away from e-commerce to emerging channels.

This is stuff you probably want to know about your business, right?

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