December 29, 2010

Hillstrom's Catalog PhD --- Get Your Project Ready For 2011!!

Well, I never imagined how popular this thing would be!

No, not from a sales standpoint ... but from a CEO standpoint, as the projects are rolling in!  If you're a consultant out there, you can work Twitter to death, or you can try old-school techniques like books and direct mail campaigns and e-mail campaigns.  The old-school stuff still works!

The techniques in this book still work, too!  If you're an average $100,000,000 cataloger that generates $5,000,000 of profit per year, the techniques in this book will help you get to $6,000,000 of profit, per year, plus/minus.

So buy the booklet, and get busy implementing the techniques outlined in the text.
If you don't want to implement this stuff yourself, join the long line of catalogers (50+ in the past four years) who've asked me to execute this type of work for them --- contact me now!

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