October 13, 2010

A Marketing Tactic: Your Vote Counts

Here's an experience from this morning:
  1. I visit a popular e-commerce brand that I previously purchased from.
  2. I view products on a few pages, I do not put any items in my shopping cart.
  3. I leave the website.
  4. Four hours later, I receive an e-mail from this popular e-commerce brand. The trigger-based e-mail message says that I abandoned the website earlier in the day, so they would like to offer me 15% off my next order.
You make the call.
  1. Is this a brilliant, trigger-based marketing strategy to convert a visitor to a buyer?
  2. Is this a ridiculous method for gouging existing customers, charging them full-price if they "convert" on a first visit, but charging others much less because they exhibited "less loyal" behavior on a first visit? Is it wrong to steal $15 from an existing customer because the existing customer exhibits "better" behavior?
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