March 11, 2010

Point of View: Kohl's

Kohl's has just shy of a million Facebook fans.

Here, we see how Kohl's facilitates interaction with pop television star Lauren Conrad and the Kohls Facebook crowd. The Facebook fan gets to learn all about her exclusive collection at Kohl's. A fan can flip through a design sketchbook, watch a behind-the-scenes video, see television commercials, get tips on how to wear the collection, shop her merchandise line, read her tweets, take a quiz, or view a YouTube video.

I've talked before about how the lines between e-commerce and media will blur. There's no reason that your garden variety e-commerce site couldn't have an online "television or media channel", complete with unique programming and content that surround the e-commerce/retail brand.

So take a peek at what Kohl's is doing, and see if there is something that resonates with your customers!

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