March 01, 2010

Digital Profiles: Web Analytics And Keywords

You have your Digital Profiles all set up. And you are able to tie the information to your Web Analytics solution.

Ohhhhhhhh Boy!

Each week, you update your Web Analytics solution with the Digital Profile of each customer who logs in to your site.

Now go ahead and analyze performance by Digital Profile. For instance, this table illustrates conversion rates by Digital Profile for customers who are searching for any keyword within the "Handbags" category.

Not surprisingly, the Digital Profiles attracting the most customers include Summer Ladies, Show Me A Deal, Bargain Betty, Web Sale Susan, and Bonnie Big Ticket. Conversely, you don't see a lot of "Multichannel Men" searching for Handbags, do you?!!!

Predictably, conversion rates are highest among Digital Profiles that appear to be populated by Women.

This is a level of business intelligence that is available to any analyst using any of the major Web Analytics software packages. It does require a bit of "elbow grease" ... you have to be able to score your web visitors at a point in time using advanced logic.

Ok, your turn. What stops you from using Digital Profiles to learn more about various customer habits?

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