March 16, 2010

Catalog Marketers and Retailers: The iPad

If you are a catalog marketer, you absolutely have to be going bonkers over the roll-out of the iPad, right?

I mean, has there ever been a digital device that was more tailor-made for a digital catalog? You're flipping through pages with your index finger on a device that goes wherever you go, and the catalog pages on this digital device (you subscribe to your digital catalog via RSS so it automatically arrives on a weekly/monthly basis) link to landing pages on your website ... or better yet, you simply execute one-click shopping from the device without ever visiting the website.

You've been craving multi-channel solutions for ages ... this is the ultimate multi-channel solution.

And if you are a retailer, why would you not have an iPad in every store, so that your employees can assist the customer when he wants size XXL and it is not available? I'm just saying ....

The iPad and a myriad of soon-to-be-released competing devices are your new mobile mailbox. Why wouldn't you be first to capitalize on this opportunity?


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