February 23, 2010

Digital Profiles: New Customers

Any analysis of Digital Profiles should include a distribution of new customers by Digital Profile.

Remember, our best customers were Multichannel Men, Digital Dudes, Winter Wear, and Happy Holidays.

Now take a look at the Digital Profiles that are capturing the most new customers.

  • Last Minute Guy
  • Buy A Jacket, Man!
  • Tech Men
  • Show Me A Deal!
  • Bonnie Big Ticket

In other words, this business is clearly in transition. The high-value Digital Profiles are not growing, while a different set of Digital Profiles, those that possess infrequent buyers, are taking over. Now, granted, this is part of what online marketing or catalog marketing is all about --- you don't acquire the best customers, you acquire customers with some migrating to "best" status.

Still, as a business leader, you want to know where your business is headed. Digital Profiles explain these trends in a way that lay people can understand.

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