January 25, 2010

Online Marketing Simulations: Merchandise Growth

Open your spreadsheet (contact me for your copy), and take a look at cells J19 - N19.

Cells J15 - N27 illustrate simulated/projected growth in different merchandise divisions during the next five years. Remember, this is a business that is forecast to shrink significantly over the next five years.

But the merchandise division in cells J19 - N19 is forecast to grow!

In fact, this isn't the only merchandise division forecast to grow in the next five years. Look at J23 - N23.

When a business is struggling, there is often data available, data that shows the Executive a path to a profitable future. You just need the tools to demonstrate the profitable path to the future.

Click here to buy the book on Amazon.com ... or have me build an OMS spreadsheet for you by clicking here.


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Does the book contain any of the tools you have been talking on the blog (underlying models, Excel files, etc.)? Or any details about how to make these models from start?

  2. The book is directionally similar to the blog --- an Excel file with different data but similar format --- there are details about how to create something with just five segments ... the exact same concepts apply to creating 240 segments.


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