December 15, 2009

Thanks For The Memories, ACCM

Those of you in the audience who spent all but the last few years being wined and dined by vendors at the Catalog Conference may enjoy one final glass of champagne this evening ... the ACCM is no more.

Of course, the Catalog Conference really wasn't the Catalog Conference once it became the "ACCM". Catalog marketers paid close attention to the name change, opting instead for Internet Retailer and for advanced marketing topics. and Internet Retailer would be well-served by a post-mortem of the missteps of ACCM. A decade from now, it is not hard to envision an environment where and Internet Retailer are considered old-school fossils when compared with the Hologram Marketing Conference (HMC) --- I mean, who the heck would use coal-based e-commerce servers to place orders on landfill-unfriendly laptops when one is able to verbally tell a solar-powered Hologram to buy whatever you want in a virtual shopping environment in your own living room?

You can only imagine the session titles at the old-school conferences ... "E-Commerce + Hologram Marketing, Using Your Website To Drive Multichannel Traffic To Your Personalized Hologram", or "Don't Forget Twitter When Launching Your Hologram Marketing Campaigns". You can imagine the rhetoric ... "Customers who use both e-commerce and hologram marketing spend 88% more than customers who use just hologram marketing, according to Woodside Research."

Sounds odd now, but we all know it is coming.

Catalogers, what are your favorite memories of the Catalog Conference?

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