December 07, 2009

OMS and Ad Curves

By now you are using Online Marketing Simulations (book, kindle, digital download, contact me for a free spreadsheet, or hire me) to understand how customer behavior evolves over time. You are probably excited about some of the unique ways that customers behave, and you probably know a lot more about how to grow your business for long-term success.

Now, you probably want to know how much you should invest, in order to maximize your opportunity, right?

Here's where "Ad Curves" come into play. Click here for a brief article about Ad Curves.

When I am working with a CEO, CFO, or CMO, I combine the results of an Online Marketing Simulation with Ad Curves, yielding the optimal strategy necessary to yield profitable long-term success.

If you are managing e-mail marketing, paid search, or print marketing campaigns, you'll appreciate the insights gained by combining Online Marketing Simulations with Ad Curves!

National Mail Order Catalog Day

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