November 08, 2009

Digital Download Now Available: Online Marketing Simulations

Oh sure, I can offer merchandise across multiple channels!

You can buy the book on, $19.95 --- click here.

You can buy the Kindle version via Amazon, $4.99 --- click here.

And now, you can purchase a digital download of the new book for $4.99 via --- click here.

If you are a "best customer", you'll purchase this book in multiple channels, right? I mean, multichannel customers are the best customers, so that means you'll probably purchase multiple copies in multiple channels!


  1. Whoa, I purchased your book for $19.95 and now you are saying I can have the digital edition for 75% less, after the fact? Why am I being penalized for being an early adopter/purchaser? I understand the Kindle discount, however, pending your response, I feel gypped. To be clear, it's not the absolute value of my purchase, $20 is fine for good information and I did not mind paying it right up until the time I found out above the same info is available for less by an equally accessible channel for me.


  2. Mr. Shuster,

    I apologize that you feel disappointed with your purchase. Please send me your name and address via e-mail (, and I will personally send you a check for the difference between the book price ($19.95) and the digital download price ($4.99). You get to keep the book, too.

    Please understand that the reason I offered a digital download this late in the game is because my readers in the UK were unable to purchase the book, so much like you, they elected to air their frustration publicly. In order to try to find a solution that met their needs, and to not offend the customers who purchased the digital version via Kindle, I elected to price the digital version on at the same price as the Kindle version.

    Again, I apologize that you feel so frustrated. Please send me an e-mail message with your address, and I will send you a check for the difference in cost. Or please feel free to return the book to Amazon, as they will accept returns.



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