September 27, 2009

Updated Schedule

I like to follow readership metrics. Summer metrics are odd, a different audience follows through the summer months than during the rest of the year.

And sure enough, once September arrived, readership changed, folks began looking for hard-core content that helps them improve business performance. Take a look:

The trends are completely opposite of summer months --- now business articles and OMS articles dominate the list, Gliebers Dresses articles are well down the list.

This is what renders so much of the social media and optimization advice useless. If you decide to optimize your business based on comments, e-mail messages, viral spread of articles, that kind of thing, you'd only write Gliebers Dresses stories.

If you optimize based on what is most read, you'd only write business articles, giving free advice.

And if you optimize based on writing articles that cause people to hire you, you're going to write about OMS and Multichannel Forensics.

So that's the landscape we have to navigate. With that in mind, here's the schedule for this fall:
  • Monday = Catalog CEO Topics, Focus on the Future.
  • Tuesday = OMS.
  • Wednesday = Business Analysis.
  • Thursday = OMS.
  • Friday = Gliebers Dresses on a hit or miss basis.

People are recommending ideas for moving forward. One loyal reader recommended writing a series of mini-books that deal with case studies at a myriad of companies with many different fictional characters. Another idea from a loyal reader was to have a separate blog for Gliebers Dresses. Your thoughts make a difference, so e-mail me, message me on Twitter, or leave a comment below.

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