September 16, 2009

Call For Data, And Do You Want To See A Simple OMS Spreadsheet?

Two things for you, the loyal reader.

First, I have a 10mb Online Marketing Spreadsheet I'd be willing to share with you. Everything has been dummied in the spreadsheet (channels, merchandise divisions, segments, sales performance, rebuy rates). The spreadsheet is purposely messy and undocumented, and I chose not to include any of the advertising effectiveness components of the spreadsheet (i.e. increase pay-per-click budget by 20%, increase total sales by 8%). If you'd like to see the spreadsheet, send me an e-mail message. Your e-mail client will need to be able to accept a large, Microsoft Office 2007 Excel format file (.xlsl).

Second, I am looking for a volunteer dataset. For obvious reasons, I cannot share client data with you, so I'm looking for one of two potential datasets that I could share the results of with you.

I'm looking for an e-commerce brand willing to send me summarized clickstream/visit data and purchase data for a multi-year period of time, a brand wanting to demonstrate the long-term value of actions that happened yesterday (shopping cart abandonment, visit certain pages but do not put items in a shopping cart, click-through an e-mail campaign but do not purchase, that kind of thing).

I'd also consider a social media dataset, one where we could demonstrate how short-term actions change the long-term trajectory/value of a user.

I would never give away your trade secrets, share proprietary information, or in any other way harm your business. I would, however, publish how customers interact with your business via the Online Marketing Simulation, similar to the way I've shared OMS concepts over the past few months. In return, you get free OMS project work. I'm asking about data because many of you are suggesting that you want to see the Online Marketing Simulation "come to life". You want to see concrete examples. This is one way to accomplish this.

If you have an interest in this type of project, please send me an e-mail message describing your business and the data you'd be willing to share.

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