September 07, 2009

Blog Topics For Fall 2009

Summer is gone now, replaced by cooling temperatures, frost, and football!

During the summer, we took the content on this blog in a different direction. We went from 9.0 posts per week to 4.5 per week. We shifted the focus from general topics and Multichannel Forensics to Gliebers Dresses and the Online Marketing Simulation. We moved a lot of the other information over to Twitter. Readership and subscriber metrics suggest that this was a very good move. Gliebers Dresses is the most popular series ever written on this blog. The Online Marketing Simulation is so popular that it appears to be the likely successor to the Multichannel Forensics product so many of you have used.

Now it is your turn to voice your opinion.

Is the blog serving your needs? If not, what kind of content would you recommend for this fall?

Starting next week, I'm leaning toward the following schedule:

  • Monday = Catalog / Multichannel Forensics Topics.
  • Tuesday = Online Marketing Simulation.
  • Wednesday = Gliebers Dresses.
  • Thursday = Online Marketing Simulation.

Use the comments section below to recommend the content & frequency you're looking for this Fall. And if you don't feel comfortable doing that, go ahead and send me an e-mail with your thoughts.


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