July 30, 2009

Test Results!

Wednesday, you were the subjects of a test.

When asking you to download my paper, I gave you two hyperlinks to download the document. Each document was identical, but the file names were changed, so that I could measure which link was downloaded most.

First Link Text: Please download this brief and easy-to-follow online sales forecasting pdf. 56% of downloads came from this link.

Second Link Text: Download Here, NOW!! 44% of downloads came from this link.

I'm not going to say whether one link performed better than the other --- this wasn't an A/B test where results could be directly compared against each other.

Instead, I'm interested in the psychology of your choice. You tell me, why did you choose the link you downloaded the file from? Why do you think more of you chose the gentle and informative message over the command?

And if there is a difference here, imagine how tone plays a role in our e-commerce businesses?

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