July 13, 2009

Gliebers Dresses: Management Changes

As usual, it is time to Skype-in to the Gliebers Dresses Executive meeting.

Glenn Glieber (Owner): "... and she basically became unwilling to change anything. She was unwilling to pay for the loyalty program with savings in catalog pages or circulation reductions, she was unwilling to reduce the paid search budget, she managed an e-mail program that we all think is uncompetitive, and she was publicly badmouthing all of us at every opportunity --- many employees heard the snide comments that she made at the fashion show. So last night, I informed Sarah Wheldon that she is no longer with the company. I'm still waiting for Ms. Wheldon to sign her severance agreement and one year non-compete clause, I'll let you know when that process has been completed."

Meredith Thompson (Merchandising): "Kevin, is that you?"

Kevin: "Yup, it is me."

Glenn Glieber: "Kevin, we decided to let Sarah Wheldon go last night, and I'd like to announce a few additional changes."

Kevin: "Ok."

Glenn Glieber: "We will immediately begin a global search for the next Chief Marketing Officer of Gleibers Dresses. This is a key position, one that is essential to the success of our brand. We're going to look for an individual that has a balanced perspective between traditional catalog marketing and modern e-commerce and social media. We all know that Sarah lacked some of the modern skills we desperately need, though she was fantastic at marketing a traditional catalog. Until we find the right individual, I would like to announce two job changes. First, Pepper Morgan has been named Interim Chief Marketing Officer. Pepper will retain her creative responsibilities, and will oversee our marketing activities until we assign a new Chief Marketing Officer."

Pepper Morgan (Creative & Marketing): "Thank you everybody, and thank you Glenn for having the confidence in me to do this job. I look forward to working with all of you, and I look forward to implementing some short-term changes that will have a positive impact on the business."

Glenn Glieber: "The other announcement I'd like to make today is the appointment of Candi Layton to our Executive team. Candi has been our Director of Human Resources for the past three years. She will retain this title, and will also take on the role of 'Chief Customer Officer'. In this important new position, Candi will partner with our Executive team on doing the right thing for the customer. We strongly believe that Candy will implement programs that significantly improve customer loyalty."

Candi Layton (Chief Customer Officer), speaking rapidly: "Thank you so much, everybody, thank you, THANK YOU! I am so looking forward to jumping in with both feet and making a difference."

Roger Morgan (Operations): "Congrats, Candi".

Candi Layton (Chief Customer Officer and Human Resources Director), speaking rapidly again: "Everybody, before we wrap-up our meeting, I want to share with you the press release we just sent out regarding the departure of Sarah Wheldon. All employees received this message in the past ten minutes. Here is the press release."


July 13, 2009: Gliebers Dresses, the leading purveyor of fashion dresses in all of New England, is excited to announce a series of management changes designed to launch Gliebers Dresses into the next decade, a decade full of e-commerce and social media promise built on a proven catalog marketing platform.

Pepper Morgan has been named Interim Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Creative Officer. Ms. Morgan will be responsible for implementing the new customer loyalty program, catalog marketing, online marketing, and social media. Ms. Morgan was previously the Chief Creative Officer at Gliebers Dresses, and was the Creative Director at Anna Carter prior to arriving at Gliebers Dresses. Earlier today, Ms. Morgan stated that she is "... thankful for this unprecedented opportunity, and is looking forward to improving customer loyalty at Gliebers Dresses." Gliebers Dresses will immediately begin a global search for the next Chief Marketing Officer.

Candi Layton has been named Director of Human Resources, and Chief Customer Officer. Ms. Layton will be responsible for taking care of the individuals who make Gliebers Dresses the most successful dress purveyor in all of New England --- employees and customers. Ms. Layton said the following: "I've always been an advocate of our biggest asset, our employees. This new position gives me an opportunity to be an advocate for our customers as well. It's a logical fit. I am eagerly looking forward to jumping in with both feet and meeting this important challenge."

At this time, we would like to celebrate the tenure of Sarah Wheldon, our Chief Marketing Officer since 2003. Sarah has chosen to leave Gliebers Dresses in order to pursue other opportunities and to spend more time with her family. We warmly wish Ms. Wheldon her the best of luck.

Sarah spent her entire career at Gliebers Dresses, and was largely responsible for the unbridaled success Gliebers Dresses experienced as a fashion dress cataloger in the mid-1990s. Sarah shepherded Gliebers Dresses as the brand transitioned from a catalog business to a multi-channel retailer. Her contributions fueled the profitability that allows Gliebers Dresses to thrive in the era of e-commerce.

Glenn Glieber, owner of Gliebers Dresses, said of Wheldon's decision to leave the company to pursue other opportunities that he was "... saddened by her decision, but fully understood her desire to spend more time with her family. She represented the ideals and values that made Gliebers Dresses a great company. She will be missed. We all wish her the best of luck, and look forward to seeing how she adapts to this next chapter in her life."

Please direct all media inquiries to Candi Layton.


  1. Wow, when I said something last week on Twitter about someone straightening Sarah out I didn't anticipate her being fired....

  2. Hopefully, we'll hear from her in the near future!


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