July 28, 2009

Forecast E-Commerce 2010 Sales: Here's How!!

Recently, a respected industry conference issued a call for papers. This mini-presentation on producing a forecast for online sales for 2010 was not accepted.

However, there's no reason why you can't benefit from this simple application of Multichannel Forensics!

Please download this brief and easy-to-follow online sales forecasting pdf, suitable for CEOs, Marketing Executives, and especially for Web Analytics experts looking to broaden their skills in a way that is useful to the Executive Team.

Download Here, NOW!!


  1. Thanks again, Kevin, for providing insight and a user-friendly approach to basic analytics. So if forecasting is this easy, what's your take on what the economy will be doing the remainder of this year?? :)

  2. derek.newman4:52 PM

    Thanks Kevin,
    this looks really useful. I will be most interested to run the numbers for our business.

  3. Hi Sally, thanks for the message. I wish forecasting the economy was easy. It has to improve, the collapse and the election last fall caused big trouble. I can't imagine things being worse than that.

    Derek, thank you, let me know what you learn if it can be shared.

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    how did you calculate the 325k lapsed customers in 2010?

  5. On page 4, you have 300,000 lapsed customers, 90% did not purchase. 300,000 * 0.90 = 270,000.

    On page 4, you have 100,000 existing customers, 55% did not purchase. 100,000 * 0.55 = 55,000.

    270,000 lapsed customers not purchasing plus 55,000 existing customers not purchasing yields 325,000 lapsed customers in 2010!


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