May 14, 2009

MineThatData Blog Frequency Test

You've responded in an overwhelming manner, folks. Mostly e-mails, but comments and voting on the poll question about the direction of this blog ... you have an opinion, and you wanted to share it!

27 of 31 folks who were kind enough to vote said that the content is fine, keep it coming. 15 of 31 folks say that the content is different than the rest of the industry, and that is a good thing.

3 of you thought I needed to stop talking so much about catalog marketing.

2 of you wanted to see more data, fewer opinions.

2 of you thought I needed to stop selling, and do more to help the reader. The first half of that sentence makes sense, I'm ok with that. The second half of that sentence? Wow.

Your e-mail messages are very different. You consistently asked that I consider reducing my posting frequency.

So we're going to do a test.

For the next thirty days, my posting frequency is going to be reduced. I'll make sure there is something worthy for you to read on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. Other than that, posts will be hit-or-miss.

I will work exceptionally hard to make sure that the Mon-Wed posts are of high caliber. Many of you said I'm being too geeky, and that I make it hard for you to follow my logic. Some of you told me to "dumb my message down". I'm not a fan of that, at all. But during the next 30 days, I will attempt to be more clear.

At the end of 30 days, I'll evaluate how subscribers, visitors, search-visitors, comments, and paid consulting projects have changed. If your suggestions are right, all of those metrics will improve, right?


  1. Wow! Web analytics would have had a hard time revealing all that. What a great lesson on the value of asking people directly.

  2. My metrics always seem to suggest that more is better. We'll find out now!


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