March 07, 2009

A Few Twitter Tidbits

Here's some of the stories I've been tracking over on Twitter --- follow along, @minethatdata.

Macy's: 1.5bil cash, 9.0bil debt: Interest = 50% of earnings.

Urban Outfitters direct-to-consumer up 20%, catalog circulation up 7%. Website visits were up 31% in the quarter ---

Silos, schmilos: looking to drive organic search:

56% of retailers think multichannel customers are more valuable: This means that 44% of retailers think multichannel customers are equal to or less valuable than other customers.

Hacker Group Blog on shifting money from offline to online, Century 21:

Hologram Marketing inches closer:

What Is Your Version Of The $1.50 Costco Hot Dog?

Read this . Now discuss what your version of the $1.50 hot dog is at the company you work for.  Merchandise can be a low-cost / no-...