February 15, 2009

White Paper For CEOs And Owners: Investment Strategy From Don Libey

One of the things missing from our "5 Easy Ways To Tweet Your Way To Twitter Success" culture is a genuine, strategic discussion about how to grow a business that will sell for a reasonable multiple of EBIDTA.

In doing some research on the topic for a current client grappling with this very issue, I ran across an article, written by Don Libey nearly ten years ago. The article perfectly articulates the concept of investing in customer acquisition in a way that allows a CEO/Owner to harvest an additional million or two million from a future change in ownership.

I asked Mr. Libey if I could publish his article. He agreed, so long as I complemented the article with a few examples from my Multichannel Forensics work.

This article is a must-read for any CEO / Owner looking to maximize the long-term value of a business.

Please download the free white paper: "Investment Prospecting: Building Business Valuation through Strategic Planning".

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