January 05, 2009

Twitter Update: Two Weeks In

Thought you might like to know a little bit about the audience following my posts on Twitter.
  • About 10% are big company CEOs, EVPs, or VPs, most at multichannel (catalog + online & maybe retail) companies.
  • About 25% are Entrepreneurs, running their own startup businesses, and they represent a very diverse set of business models!
  • About 30% are Consultants or members of the Vendor community.
  • About 25% are either Web Analytics experts or Business Intelligence experts.
  • About 10% are difficult to classify, or are in the Social Media field.
  • About 20% of the audience is from Europe.
  • The audience is concentrated in NY/NJ/PA, the Midwest, and Seattle/Portland.
  • The audience has few members of the multichannel/catalog industry, or the e-mail marketing industry. Wow. Wow.
Remember, I am doing this different than the social media elite suggest Twitter needs to be done. My goal is to link to thought provoking articles, those I agree with, and those I disagree with. The goal is to get you, the loyal reader, to consider different concepts.

Twitter Page: @minethatdata, or the old-school http://twitter.com/minethatdata.

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  1. Hi Kevin. Have you seen this Google doc that lists retailers and retail experts on Twitter? It's stunning to see how Twitter is growing.

  2. I saw it in the early stages, it is more expansive now, huh?

    Thank you!


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