January 27, 2009

Job Outlook

This wasn't hard to predict.

It is sooooo easy to say that things look bad.

Find the individual who says things are going to improve, and shows you a path out. That person may be wrong, but she has the courage to stick her neck out there. If you can't find that person, BE that person!

In basketball, when things look bad during a game, you call a time out and regroup. You don't fire the team during the game.

So call a time out.

On Data Analyst Day (February 2), celebrate all that is still good about working in our profession. Then come back to work on February 3, and start putting some positive mojo out there --- no matter what anybody says, no matter how many jobs are lost, you're going to fix your corner of the world.

And if enough of us do that, things will improve.

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