December 21, 2008

Kevin Hillstrom / MineThatData Is On Twitter

We're going to try a micro-channel marketing experiment, folks. I set up an account on Twitter. Completely ignoring all of the advice given by the social media punditocracy, here's how I am going to use this micro-channel.

The content on this blog will not change. This blog is still all about Multichannel Forensics, about analyzing how customers interact with advertising, products, brands, and channels. I'll continue to write essays about what I observe in retailing, cataloging, online marketing, business intelligence, web analytics, e-mail marketing ... you get the picture.

On Twitter, I will point you to well-written, thoughtful, thought-provoking, or vapid marketing articles and links, stuff written by others.

In other words, my blog will focus on my perspective on the multichannel retail industry. On Twitter, I'll point you to others who are thinking about our industry.

I will not be using Twitter to discuss how my dog threw up on the deck this morning, or for any other personal issues. I'll be using Twitter to continue our discussion about multichannel marketing.

I'll keep you updated on what I learn about using two different channels (blogging and micro-blogging) in different ways. The theme will always the same --- a discussion about multichannel marketing. You get to pick and choose how you digest the information.

Your thoughts?


  1. Chamillionaire (a rapper) does a fabulous job of using Twitter with blogging. Mostly just using Twitter to notify about blog posts but effective nonetheless.

  2. Maybe it is possible that Chamillionaire and I have something in common!


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