November 04, 2008

A New President

Take a look at the popular votes, in 2008, 2004, 2000, and 1996.

2008 Obama = 69,000,000 votes (estimate).
2008 McCain = 65,000,000 votes (estimate).

2004 Bush = 62,000,000 votes.
2004 Kerry = 59,000,000 votes.

2000 Bush = 50,500,000 votes.
2000 Gore = 51,000,000 votes.

1996 Clinton = 47,000,000 votes.
1996 Dole = 39,000,000 votes.

A few trends. First, the number of individuals voting for President continue to increase at a dramatic rate. Second, McCain actually out-performed President Bush, when compared with 2004. Third, Mr. Obama outperformed Mr. Kerry by ten million votes.

Thirteen million additional citizens voted in 2008, compared with 2004.

Maybe the winner tonight is the United States of America. People voted, people are participating.

And the same thing holds true for online marketing, catalog marketing, and multichannel marketing. Your thoughts matter. Build a foundation for a successful 2010 and 2011. There's going to be a lot of negative economic information coming our way in the next few months. We'll overcome it. We always have.

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