November 22, 2008

B2B Brands: A Customized Zip Code Forensics File Just For You!

The research strongly suggests that B2B brands have a different geographic customer profile than do B2C brands.

Therefore, it makes sense to have separate models --- one segmentation strategy for B2C, one for B2B.

So, I'm looking for a half-dozen B2B volunteers who wish to contribute data. You send data with one row per zip code, columns including zip code, 12-month phone sales, 12-month online sales, 12-month retail sales for that zip code.

I build a custom model for B2B brands, and everybody benefits.

Of course, there's no cost to you. E-Mail me your questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

B2C brands --- Zip Code Forensics
is free for those who contribute data, $5,000 a year for everybody else.

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