October 22, 2008

Get Elastic: A Value-Added Vendor Blog

One of the blogs I enjoy following in Google Reader is the Get Elastic Blog. In my opinion, these folks do a really nice job of trying to help us improve business performance, and they generally call out positive things that people are doing, rather than tearing down folks who fail.

Sure, I disagree with some of the things they talk about, but that's to be expected. I wish more vendors put a human face on their efforts in the way that these folks do.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Get Elastic is an excellent blog and Elastic Path is a company I irrationally feel good about. If a retailer bothered to ask me (which they don't) I'll suggest they begin their search with Elastic Path.

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the kind words, and don't be shy to leave a comment on a post if you disagree with something - it adds to the conversation and we love it!

    Thanks for reading.

    ~Linda B.


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