September 13, 2008

Multichannel Forensics A to Z: Variety

If there is one customer you want to acquire, it is a customer who participates in a variety of activities within your brand.

Multichannel Forensics projects repeatedly indicate that customers who exhibit a variety of behaviors are customers that are worth watching.

If you are an e-commerce pureplay, segment customers who visit a lot of departments or landing pages. Segment customers who visit your site frequently. Segment customers who search your site. Segment customers who visit due to natural or paid search. Segment customers who visit because of social media. Segment customers who buy vs. browse. Segment customers who visit due to e-mail marketing. Segment customers who leave items in their shopping cart. Segment customers based on days since last visit, or last purchase.

And pay particular attention to the customers who exhibit a variety of behaviors. Use Multichannel Forensics to see what happens if one of the variety of behaviors is removed from the equation. What happens if you stop e-mail marketing? What happens if you take away key landing pages?

Often, removal of one factor impacts all the other factors, when customers exhibit a variety of behaviors.

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