September 23, 2008

Long Island: Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics

The Northeast United States is a direct marketing hotbed unlike any other, as validated by Hillstrom's Zip Code Forensics (read about and purchase here).

As marketers, we need to think about the differences we see in geography. This map shows outstanding performance in Manhattan, marginal performance in Queens and The Bronx.

Then we head out on Long Island, and we find a multichannel hotbed of customers who prefer both e-commerce and catalog marketing.

Finally, we get out to the Hamptons, and we find a veritable plethora of Catalog Crazies and Catalog Fans. We see a similar trend as we move north toward White Plains.

Repeatedly, we see suburban customers who are focused on e-commerce, exurban customers who are potentially appropriately called "multichannel" customers, and rural customers near urban areas who prefer catalog marketing. Our marketing practices can adapt and respond to these realities. Remember, Catalog Crazies and Online Bliss customers spend nearly twice as much as the average customer.

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