August 15, 2008

Six-Word Direct Marketing Memoir

In the spirit of the best selling book "Not Quite What I Was Planning", here's your opportunity to write your own six word direct marketing memoir.

A few examples, to get you started:
  • The Economy: Can't afford to drive to work.
  • Paid Search: Branded keyword prospects convert really well.
  • Chief Merchandising Officer: The fall assortment looks absolutely spectacular.
  • Chief Creative Officer: Aspirational creative presentation drives brand loyalty.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Immediately cut expenses by ten percent.
  • Catalog Marketer: Your online sales plummet without me.
  • Web Analytics: I'll measure anything that happens online.
  • Business Intelligence: I'll measure anything that happens offline.
  • Social Media: Use blogs. No, Twitter. No, Plurk.
  • Employee: Boss stole my work, became Executive.
Your turn! Keep it clean. Write your memoir in the comments section of this post.

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