August 23, 2008

Passing On The Stick

In the spirit of something started in honor of the Olympics, here's seven blogs I enjoy reading.
  • Cute Overload: After reading too much about e-commerce and social media, it is nice to have a diversion!
  • Futuristic Play by Andrew Chen: He thinks the way a cataloger thinks, but has never been in the catalog industry. His gifts are applied in the social media world, reserved for the good folks in Silicon Valley.
  • The Daly Planet: What happens when an industry insider exposes the inside of an industry? If you're a NASCAR fan, you learn about that at The Daly Planet.
  • Directly Speaking: Polly's blog is new. She also talks about the catalog industry, and has good insights.
  • Lefsetz Letter: R-rated, so be warned. Change half of his posts discussions from "music industry" to "catalog industry", and you've got enough to think about to change your business model. Writes with passion, something sorely missing these days.
  • The Long Tail: Maybe the most over-used and misunderstood concept in the history of e-commerce. A topic that Montgomery Wards perfected a hundred years ago now has a new generation of devotees. Still, the writing and concepts are worth thinking about.
  • The Snow Patrol: A UK blog with interesting insights and ideas about e-commerce.

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  1. Kevin,

    Thanks for the mention. We have a lot of fun and welcome comments about NASCAR TV from everyone.



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