July 23, 2008

Multichannel Forensics A to Z: Future

The five year forecast might be the best part of any Multichannel Forensics project. Seriously, name one executive who wouldn't want to be able to predict what the future holds?

Consider the business model in this image. Telephone sales are forecast to decrease by more than thirty percent over the next five years. Store sales are generally flat. Online sales are projected to increase significantly, due to a steady influx of new customers.

How might you change your strategic business plan if you knew that you'll need to reduce your call center staff by nearly half over the next five years?

How might you change your capex expenditure in new stores if you knew that comp store sales are forecast to decrease?

Multichannel Forensics allow you to catch a glimpse into the future of your business, allowing you to literally alter the future trajectory of your products, brands or channels.

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