July 09, 2008

Five Easy Steps To Jump-Start Your Struggling Business

Of course, there are never five easy steps to jump-start your struggling business, are there? If there were five easy steps, you'd already be executing them!

So why, then, do so many articles sound like this? Why do we write like this? Do we believe articles written using this format?

Five Easy Steps To Jump-Start Your Struggling Business

July 9, 2008: In today's highly competitive direct marketing environment, savvy marketers are increasing shareholder value by placing emphasis on understanding a dynamic global marketplace that rewards integrated multichannel strategies that empower consumers challenged by a recessionary environment predicated on sub-prime mortgage indulgence.

Visionary brands are already taking advantage of five easy steps, guaranteed to jump-start any struggling business. Complex financial markets require that we thoroughly understand these principals.

Step 1 = Know Your Target Audience: Leading brands have an in-depth understanding of who their target audience is. Wal-Mart, for instance, executes their brand promise against a hundred million shoppers who love getting the lowest price on everyday commodities.

Step 2 = Implement Advanced Multichannel Strategies: Brands that ignore the diverse needs of a fickle customer audience risk obsolescence in a complex and integrated multichannel environment.

Step 3 = Calculate Return On Investment Across All Strategies: Brands implementing return on investment (ROI) reporting using integrated business intelligence platforms often derive earnings before tax percentages exceeding mainstream brands.

Step 4 = Trim Unnecessary Programs: Shareholders fail to share in the benefits of a integrated strategic approach if management blindly ignore the findings of a strategic evaluation of the brand. By eliminating unnecessary programs, capital is reallocated to endeavors that are likely to generate a higher return on investment.

Step 5 = Repeat! No strategic process is complete without a thorough re-evaluation of every program for brand appropriateness. Iterative strategy yield superior pre-tax results.

By employing these five easy steps, brand leaders can increase shareholder value and weather any economic storm.

What are you doing to improve business performance?

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