June 30, 2008

Response From Catalog Choice: Marketing Strategy

The direct marketing community expressed considerable interest in yesterday's post, entitled "Catalog Choice: You Decide What Gets In ... Except When They Market Catalog Choice Webinars To You". This essay is one of the most read articles of 2008, and has been forwarded via e-mail at a rate far greater than the typical article. Many of the world's largest catalog brands frequented the site today to read about a Catalog Choice webinar marketing strategy that is, for all practical purposes, the same strategy they are encouraging the catalog marketing community to change.

A response from Chuck Teller of Catalog Choice can be read in the comments section of the original post. If you have interest, please review the response (click the link above) and offer our community of nearly 1,200 daily catalog, multichannel, e-mail marketing, online marketing, and web analytics subscribers your thoughts on the topic. Thank you to Catalog Choice and Mr. Teller for offering a comment.

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