March 27, 2008

MineThatData Classics

Maybe you didn't have a chance to read some of popular content on this blog, though I find that hard to believe. Here's a second chance to enjoy the most popular content on this blog.

The MineThatData E-Mail Analytics And Data Mining Challenge.
Profit Week: Using Zip Codes To Increase Profit.
Multichannel Forensics Interview Hosted By Alan Rimm-Kaufman.
Four Questions With Jim Fulton, President of Customer Metrics.

My Keynote Address At The Catalog Conference.
The Direct Marketing Customer Continuum.
Multichannel Forensics: Calculating Migration Mode.
Multichannel Forensics: The Building Blocks.

Williams Sonoma And Multichannel Sales Growth.
Abacusification And The Merchandise Curse.
What Would Happen If Each E-Mail Cost $0.05 To Deliver?
When Is The Best Time To Send A Catalog To Support A Retail Event?

53 Vital Multichannel Website / Online Marketing Tips
Contact Strategy Evolution.
73 Vital Multichannel Catalog Marketing Tips.
Netflix: 2001 To 2012 Sales Trajectory.

What Happened? What Will Happen? (About Catalogers And Catalog Choice).
Free Spreadsheet: Diminishing Returns By Page Count And Circulation Depth.
Any Article About The Square Root Rule.
Modified RFM For E-Mail Targeting.

Free Spreadsheet: Three Channel Multichannel Forensics Simulation.
Free Spreadsheet: Two Channel Multichannel Forensics Simulation.
Nine Ways Catalogs Interact With Websites.

Praise To Infrequent Customers!
Multichannel Business Models.
Explaining The Matchback Mistake.
When Capture Rate Bites You In The Belly.

Ten Ways We Will Save Multichannel Marketing.
Ten Ways We Ruined Multichannel Marketing.
Sharper Image And File Momentum.
Conversion Rate Is No Longer An Appropriate Measure Of Website Effectiveness.

The 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Rule.
Jim Fulton, President of Customer Metrics: Mr. Krabs Is A Database Marketer.
Jim Fulton, President of Customer Metrics: On Lands' End Founder Gary Comer.
Does Home Page Design Influence Net Sales?

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