Survey Results: What Purpose Does Catalog Choice Serve?

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You were given a chance to speak out about Catalog Choice, the customer-friendly and eco-friendly organization that protects customers from the misery of receiving unsolicited catalogs.

Here is how you responded:
  • 43% = Catalog Choice simply gives customers a way to opt-out of unwanted and unsolicited catalog mailings.
  • 14% = Catalog Choice uses this service to promote an eco-friendly agenda.
  • 29% = Catalog Choice wants to dictate a new business model to catalogers.
  • 14% = We cannot possibly know or understand what Catalog Choice wants to accomplish.
As you can clearly see, our readers are split in their perception of what Catalog Choice wishes to accomplish.

I truly believe catalogers want to honor opt-out requests. I have yet to hear information contrary to this.

Catalogers want to trust one or both organizations (Catalog Choice and the Direct Marketing Organization, contrasting organizations promoting common objectives). Catalogers are reading your press releases and blog discussions, scrutinizing your words and actions. Use your platforms to do good!