January 31, 2008

Retail Is Struggling

J.C. Penney merges marketing and merchandising functions across online/retail channels, then cuts 100 - 200 jobs. I'll bet that the 100 - 200 people who lost their jobs aren't big fans of multichannel integration.

Ann Taylor lets go of 13% of their corporate staff, 180 jobs amid a tepid retail environment. In addition, 117 stores will be closed.

Talbots to shut down 78 kids and mens stores. Sure this is old news, but it is reflective of what could be a widespread problem in 2008. This economic downturn could weed-out a lot of over-assorted retail square footage.

Eddie Bauer cuts 16% of its corporate staff, even as sales improved in Q4.

Home Depot cuts 500 corporate jobs, 10% of the corporate staff. Assume these are $75,000 a year jobs (including benefits). Take the $210,000,000 that former CEO Robert Nardelli garnered as part of his golden parachute, divide it by $75,000, and you are able to keep these 500 folks gainfully employed for another five years.

Dell plans to close 140 shopping mall kiosks.

Starbucks will close 100 underperforming stores.

If you are a retail real estate executive, you have to be wondering who the retailers are that will line up for the store locations made available by the great recession of 2008?

Old Navy updates their logo
, and elects to move away from families, now focusing on a fashion-based twenty-something target audience.

Trees rejoice as USPS volume drops by 3% in Q1-2008.

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