January 24, 2008

Ann Curry And The Today Show Feature The Cute Kids Cancelling Catalogs

If you were at work this morning when The Today Show featured a piece on how to cancel catalogs, please watch the segment here.

Ann Curry sat at a computer monitor, and opted-out of Red Envelope, Pottery Barn and Mrs. Fields catalogs.

Kudos to Catalog Choice and those cute kids for getting attention via grass roots efforts. This goes to show you how individuals and small teams can make a difference. How things get done in this world is rapidly changing ... Catalog Choice provides a great example of how to market a useful service via social media, illustrating how mainstream media does the work for you when social media is executed properly.

Catalog Choice reports that they've had an onslaught of traffic today. Ted Wells reports that 500 visitors an hour are checking out his blog.

The Today Show, via their website at MSNBC, is challenging all schools to do what the cute kids accomplished. Here is a link to the Today Show Challenge.

Of course, there's some level of irony involved in having NBC and The Today Show take shots at companies like Red Envelope, Pottery Barn, and Mrs. Fields.

When I ran Ann Curry's video on the MSNBC site, I was subjected to unsolicited advertising from Best Buy, I could not fast-forward over the ad, MSNBC forced me to watch it. I might have wanted to opt-out of that advertising opportunity, however, I could not.

Here's a sampling of the national companies that pay the salaries of employees of The Today Show via unsolicited commercials I did not have a choice to opt-out of while watching the program in real-time this morning:
  • Honda, Smuckers, Hyundai, Pillsbury, Olay, Air Wick, Dannon, Clorox, Turbo Tax, Slim Fast, Pampers, Cheerios, Kashi, Olive Garden, Progresso, Oreo, Bank of America, Head and Shoulders, Nestle, Lysol, Visine, Capital One.
Obviously, I cannot speak to any details on the practices of these companies ... I am simply hopeful that all of these companies don't over-harvest trees or mis-use fossil fuels to produce the products, services and packaging that paid the salaries of the folks bringing us The Today Show, the show that promoted Catalog Choice.

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