December 06, 2007

Need Your Input: Multichannel "War Games"

One of my favorite chapters in Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink" is the chapter about the war game our military played prior to our invasion of Iraq, when a rogue general simulating a fabled enemy managed to sink more than a dozen US warships.

Which brings me to this evening's topic.

I am strongly considering development a game that simulates management of the marketing expenses and ROI involved in a multichannel business.

See, everybody talks about multichannel marketing. What we don't have is a tool that affords industry experts an opportunity to hone their skills in a semi-realistic environment.

I would eventually use the game as part of a one-day seminar that I would offer businesses interested in such a tool.

But in the short term, I would allow MineThatData readers to participate in the game, with the reader posting the best "sales and profit score" winning a prize to-be-determined.

So, I need your input. Would this type of game be of interest to you? If so, what elements need to be included in the tool? Would your business consider purchasing such a service? And finally, what would an appropriate "prize" be for the winner?

Spread the word, I'd like as much input as possible. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Kevin, sounds like a great idea, but I'm not sure how you would build it - but i'd be happy to help promote it, and play it.

  2. If there's interest, I'll figure something out!!

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    What a fascinating idea! I was involved with the commercial wargaming(strategy gaming) community throughout the 90's, designing and testing hundreds of battle scenarios, so I'd love to see a marketing game along same concepts.
    Just be aware that the more variables and complexities you make to your "combat" formulas, the greater chance for "purists" to complain. Some are legit and some are just jealous.
    Of course one game that was heralded as greatest wargame of the century, had included so many variables of randomness that playability became suspect with really unusual events. For example, a company of low morale South Korean infantry armed with rifles DESTROYING a North Korean T34 tank brigade. The designer defended all such questions with "Well, it could have happened if x and y and z and the moon was in the 7th house..."

    As for prize, you will discover you don't need a monetary or material prize---people just love the challenge and the bragging rights!
    I look forward to participating in your 21st century Monopoly game.



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