December 06, 2007

Need Your Input: Multichannel "War Games"

One of my favorite chapters in Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink" is the chapter about the war game our military played prior to our invasion of Iraq, when a rogue general simulating a fabled enemy managed to sink more than a dozen US warships.

Which brings me to this evening's topic.

I am strongly considering development a game that simulates management of the marketing expenses and ROI involved in a multichannel business.

See, everybody talks about multichannel marketing. What we don't have is a tool that affords industry experts an opportunity to hone their skills in a semi-realistic environment.

I would eventually use the game as part of a one-day seminar that I would offer businesses interested in such a tool.

But in the short term, I would allow MineThatData readers to participate in the game, with the reader posting the best "sales and profit score" winning a prize to-be-determined.

So, I need your input. Would this type of game be of interest to you? If so, what elements need to be included in the tool? Would your business consider purchasing such a service? And finally, what would an appropriate "prize" be for the winner?

Spread the word, I'd like as much input as possible. Thanks!

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