December 22, 2007

Cutting The Stack Of Catalogs

The DMA is forwarding an article from Business Week entitled "Cutting The Stack Of Catalogs", featuring an organization called "Catalog Choice" that allows consumers to easily opt-out of catalog mailings.

By the way, Catalog Choice has a blog. This organization "appears" to have an open conversation with consumers. Who "appears" more open, honest and transparent --- this organization, or the DMA, an organization that used a one-way communication to paying members earlier this year urging them to not honor Catalog Choice requests?

But that's neither "here nor there". Let's assume that Catalog Choice is acting with honesty and integrity. Let's assume that your customer is truly requesting to be removed from your mailing list. Let's assume that the DMA has your best interests at heart (which they do).

If you respect your customer's wishes, and you operate your business with honesty and integrity, what should you do when your customer opts out of your catalog mailings via a third party like Catalog Choice?

This isn't 1988. If the customer wants to purchase from you, she can use your website.

Simply remove the customer from your list.

Better yet, for every request you get from Catalog Choice, call the customer, and ask the customer if it was her intention to opt out of your catalog strategy.

Business Principle #2