November 25, 2007

More RSS Feeds Posted On The MineThatData Blog

When I asked for feedback about this blog, I learned that this blog was used as a homepage (by the way, I've awarded the free book, thanks for all of the feedback!).

So I've expanded the number of RSS feeds featured on the right side of the page. Each day, you'll be able to enjoy content from many different sources in the direct marketing industry, including the following:
  • DMNews, Multichannel Merchant, Catalog Success, Direct Magazine, Seth Godin, Marketing Sherpa, Forrester Research,, Marketing Profs Daily Fix, Avinash Kaushik, Alan Rimm-Kaufman, Jim Novo, David Raab, Tamara Gielen, Juice Analytics, LunaMetrics, Becky Carroll, James Taylor, Adelino de Almeida, Sandro Saitta, Jeff Larche, Suzanne Obermire, Chris Baggott, Alison Bolen, Customer U Blog, Michael Fassnacht, Sandeep Giri, Rick Whittington, Anthony Power, Gretchen Scheiman, Pat LaPointe, Dean Abbott, Sarah Clelland / Snow Patrol, Mark Brownlow, Mack Collier, Grant Johnson / Johnson Direct, Manuel Lima / Visual Complexity, Ted Grigg, Harry Joiner, F. Curtis Barry, Bob Bly, Charlene Li, John Hagel, Varien's e-Commerce Cache Blog.
Some "Friends of MineThatData" had invalid RSS feeds, and therefore, weren't included. If you think your blog should be included in this list, send me an e-mail, and I'll review the content to see if it is appropriate.

You might be wondering about some of the comments folks offered for this blog. Here's a sampling of comments:
  • More discussions about retailers.
  • Shorter posts.
  • More discussions about analytics, and show the actual solutions.
  • More free spreadsheets (mentioned often).
  • Re-define what a "catalog customer" is.
  • Impact of price of oil on direct merchants.
  • Diminishing returns of increased advertising.
  • More on time series modeling.
  • More on business applications of data mining (mentioned often).
  • Make big ideas implementable for small businesses.
  • More B2B ideas and discussions.
  • Talk more about measuring campaigns across channels.
  • Keep the list of posts broad, not narrow in scope.
  • Talk more about ROI.

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