November 23, 2007

A Veritable Harvest Of Information

For your weekend reading pleasure:

Chad White covers the e-mail campaigns of the top one hundred retailers, so that you don't have to. Here is a summary from the past few days.

Mark Brownlow shares places to get good ideas for e-mail campaigns.

From Johnson Direct, a brief discussion about handwritten thank you cards.

Marketing Sherpa ... how to get your business book published!

Forrester Research continues to dive head-first into Facebook issues and privacy.

Tamara Gielen talks about competition in E-Newsletter Ads. Her e-mail blog is one of my favorites for reasonably unbiased information.

David Raab knows how to review software. Here's a discussion about SAS real-time decisioning.

Avinash Kaushik shares six recommendations for measuring blog success. By the way, his book on Web Analytics is a HUGE success, with proceeds donated to charity.

The Rimm-Kaufman Group has an excellent post on paid search for companies just starting out in the world of paid search.

Here's a story about the Seven Perils of Segmentation from the esteemed Jim Novo.

An oldie but a goodie from Jim Fulton on hiring, training and nurturing Database Marketers.

The folks at Juice Analytics tell us how to optimize a low traffic site.

Ron Shevlin vents about the content at conferences.

Enterprise decision management cult icon James Taylor talks about the revival of personalization.

Adelino de Almeida shares his thoughts about Starbucks and their television marketing strategy.

Sandro Saitta reviews the book, Web Dragons, a book about search marketing.

Targeted B2B marketing
is one of the topics that Jeff Larche discusses this month.

RRW Consulting shares a retention case study that's worth reading.

Alison Bolen shares a few comments from a recent interview that SAS founder Jim Goodnight gave.

Customer U talks about no-cost customer research tools.

Michael Fassnacht writes about a presentation he watched on the "Read/Write" culture (I also watched this presentation, it's a good use of 20 minutes).

Sandeep Giri talks about the polarization of business intelligence solutions.

Jonathan Starets co-created a campaign that was a top three finisher for DMA Marketer of the Year.

Rick Whittington has a series on Holiday Shopping Tips. Here's tip number one, put best selling items on the homepage.

Anthony Power mentions that last month's DMA conference lacked buzz.

Gretchen Scheiman links to an article that discusses the history of e-mail.

Pat LaPointe doesn't think Google is about to dominate marketing dashboards.

UK-based Catalogue/E-Business allows readers to ask questions of direct marketing experts.

On the F. Curtis Barry blog, there's a discussion about how contact centers handle e-mail.

Harry Joiner talks about resume spam.

Ann Handley at Marketing Profs now offers snack-sized newsletters.

Mack Collier offers his readers a veritable plethora of link love to his Marketing Top 25.

Damien Francois writes about intelligent machines over at his blog.

Don Libey shares his thoughts about mergers and acquisitions with DMNews.


  1. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Thanks for posting! I found the Sherpa with the newsletter/email awards very valuable.

  2. I agree with "K". That link and others were quite valuable. My Google Reader just got much bigger, based on some of the new resources you pointed me toward. Thanks. (I think!) :-)


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