Mailbag: Multichannel Strategy

I am frequently asked to describe multichannel marketing strategies that "move the needle" --- in other words, I am asked to share ideas that dramatically increase sales (i.e. increase total sales by more than ten percent, on a consistent, sustained basis for at least one year).

Assuming your brand already has a credible e-mail marketing program, paid search program, portal advertising strategy, affiliate marketing program, and other online strategies, I'm not confident the concept of integrating marketing strategies across channels yields a measurable, sustained increase in sales.

Sure, it might be great for the customer to redeem offers in the channel of their choice.

Sure, Circuit City allows customers to buy online and pickup in stores (now, how much do you think this strategy boosted comp store sales?).

Sure, it might be great for the look and feel of catalogs, e-mail campaigns and websites to be integrated, or to have the same merchandise available across all channels.

Given those strategies, help me find one company that has implemented all/some/any of the multichannel strategies we're told we have to implement, and observed a consistent, sustained increase in sales of, say, ten percent, measured annually?

Seriously, use the comments section of this post to name the brand, the tactics they used, and the sustained increase in sales caused by the multichannel strategies we're told we have to employ.