October 24, 2007

Blogging From ECMOD London

It's amazing how things change in a short period of time. When I left the States eleven days ago, people played football in the stadium in San Diego. Now I watch the news here in London, and see a catastrophe happening in Southern California.

Back at ECMOD, I want to thank the folks who made it through my 3+ hour session on Multichannel Forensics this morning. Great questions, great audience interaction. When I return home, I will forward attendees the presentation, and simulation spreadsheets.

It is really neat when an attendee asks if 9 brands by 3 channels make for a good Multichannel Forensics application. One tingles with excitement at the thought!

You know the catalog world is changing when you see a vendor booth titled "Social Commerce Solutions".

I've fielded nearly as many questions about the United States exit strategy from and reasons for being in Iraq as I've fielded about Multichannel Forensics.

My wife and I saw a movie on Monday night ... ten pounds per person (with more than two dollars equaling just one pound) literally defines the concept of "sticker shock"!

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