September 11, 2007

Blogging ROI For A Small Business, Like My Small Business

I'm frequently asked what the ROI is of my blogging efforts. Year-to-date, 30% of my project work is sourced from folks who subscribe to my blog, or found the blog via a search.

If you're a small business, and you're willing to give your audience something tangible, something they can actually use, you should be able to realize a positive ROI for your efforts.


  1. And, I congratulate you on the success you've had using your blog to grow your business. I think that 30% is an awesome success figure!

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Just curious - how do you track that success? Do you ask prospects how they found you or do you use a website analytics package and match up the visitor to the lead?

    Also, how much time would you say you spend blogging each week?

    I am writing an article on the time it takes to blog and the roi of that time spent.

  3. Andy, blogging takes me no more than three hours per week.

    My clients usually volunteer to me that they are subscribers to the blog. If they don't volunteer the information, I can track the information with web analytics tools, or I simply ask them how they learned about me.


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