August 12, 2007

Time Travel

Assume you could time travel back to 1999.

Knowing what you know today about the evolution of online, catalog, retail and multichannel marketing, what would you change about how executed Paid Search, Natural Search, Affiliate Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Shopping Comparison Marketing, Catalog Marketing, Direct Marketing, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, and any other kind of advertising ... so that your company would be far more successful today?

How would you change the org-structure in 1999 so that your company would evolve in such a way that yields a more flexible organization today?

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  1. There's only one thing that I could have done back then that technology would have permitted but would have made me far more successful today:

    Buy more domains.

    I own hundreds today, and I regret not owning thousands. Domain king Frank Schilling has said that domain investing today is STILL like investing in 1970s Las Vegas real estate.

    But the fact remains: Domain investing in 1999 would have been like investing in 1770's Manhattan real estate.

    Harry Joiner

    Etc ...


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