August 01, 2007

One Positive Day: August 1

I like to start the month with positive news. My perception has always been that positive news is hard to find in the blogosphere.

Want proof? Go to Google's Blogsearch tool, and see how often the terms "good-job" or "nice-job" were used during the past day. There are allegedly more than 70,000,000 blogs. In the past twenty-four hours, fewer than three thousand bloggers used either phrase in the content they created.

Here's a few posts that feature good news, or at least feature honesty!

Joe Wikert's blog on publishing usually provides good insights. Here he asks readers to check out the blog of the first person he ever hired.

The first person I ever hired was a woman named Peggy Mason. I would explain how she should do something, and she would always ask me "why"? If you ever want to challenge the assumption that you have an unbiased view of how things should be done, have somebody ask you the question "why" after every one of your proclamations.

Gretchen Rubin writes a blog called The Happiness Project. This is a place where you can find positive, interesting observations.

Glenn Kelman honestly writes about "The Flip Side of Entrepreneurship". Every day somebody asks me how my "new business" is going. An awful lot of the things Mr. Kelman speaks of in the article run through my mind before I reply "Good!!!".

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  1. Thanks for the links. I already am a subscriber to Gretchen's "Happiness Project," but I'm always glad to see this site endorsed. Her posts can be a balm during a busy day.

    And, as someone who had his own business for eight years and therefore knows firsthand the "flip side of entrepreneurship," I'm glad you too are a reader of Gretchen's blog. Be sure to keep smiling! :-)


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