When Somebody Steals Your Work

Many years ago, it was my job to create a catalog marketing strategy that would significantly increase the profitability of my division.

I worked hard at developing something new, innovative, and different. Mysteriously, I came up with something that 'worked'!

I shared the plan with a member of our executive team. This person showed moderate disinterest in the plan.

Nearly eight weeks later, I was on vacation when I received a phone call from one of my analysts. My analyst informed me that the executive came to my team, told my team they needed to re-work the entire catalog contact strategy and sales forecast, and gave them a plan to implement before the end of the week.

It was my plan.

The executive either planned to do this, or circumstances forced the executive to do this, or it was an honest mistake.

Regardless, my work was stolen by this person. This person got the credit for a strategy that was several million dollars a year more profitable than what was being done at the time.

There are many times when you 'want' your work to be stolen by others. When you are in Database Marketing, it is your job to 'influence' others, you don't lead the merchandising or creative team. So, you float ideas and concepts out there that other executives run with. This happens all the time. The best Database Marketers are utterly gifted at this style of management.

But there are times when your work is blatantly and brazenly stolen. When that happens, how should you react?

Are there instances in your career when somebody stole your work, and received credit for it? How did you handle the situation? How did the situation resolve itself?