Growth Strategy

Your forecasting analyst suggests your telephone sales will decrease by ten percent next year, while your online sales will increase by ten percent next year, yielding flat corporate growth.

Your CFO is unhappy with this projection, and demands that the business grow by ten percent next year.

There are many ways you could grow the business. Here's a sampling of opportunities:
  • Catalog Strategies
    • Add catalogs to the mail plan (currently at 30 in-home dates each year).
    • Add pages to each catalog.
    • Remail catalogs to the same customers.
    • Increase circulation in each catalog --- either customer acquisition or reactivation.
    • Other ideas?
  • E-Mail Strategies
    • Increase e-mail contact frequency from one per week to two or more per week.
    • Increase the number of targeted e-mails from five versions per contact to ten or more.
    • Other ideas?
  • Online Marketing Strategies
    • Improve natural search opportunities.
    • Spend more on paid search, or be smarter about paid search.
    • Increase affiliate partners.
    • Spend money on portal advertising.
    • Start a corporate blog.
    • Other ideas?
Prioritize the top three ways you would try to grow sales, and describe why you would use the techniques you chose to employ? Which strategies do you think drive the most incremental sales, at the lowest cost?