Database Marketing thoughts from eight flights in eight days:

In an amazing display of "co-branding", I observed a program on the United Television Network with a feature from NBC/Universal showing Larry King of CNN interviewing Kathy Griffin of Bravo.

If you had ninety seconds to convey a concise and helpful message for new Eddie Bauer CEO Neil Filske on how to turn around the beleaguered brand, what would your message be? By the way, check out the analysis of CEO compensation at Eddie Bauer verses Nordstrom mentioned in this article.

Speaking of marketing, I'm coming around to the thought that the iPod was invented to project us from the world of marketing, blocking out the audible half of marketing.

Good things happen to good people! Avinash hits the jackpot, getting his web analytics book mentioned on Seth's Blog.

My lost luggage was deemed a "baggage irregularity".

You can't hit an FM scan button these days without running into "Jack FM", "Bob FM" or "Mike FM". I'll tune in when I hear "Avinash FM".

I actually heard a pilot come over the audio system and offer a "co-branded opportunity presented by trusted business partners USAir and Bank of America". Yes, the pilot used the phrase "co-branded opportunity".

Four flight attendants did a spectacular job of helping a woman who was having a panic attack, fearful that the plane was about to crash while in heavy turbulence.

Quick quiz: If you aren't in the Database Marketing or analytics community, tell me what the following acronyms stand for, and how they relate to your job?
  • BI
  • KPI
  • LTV
  • BPM
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • AOV
  • DMPC