May 01, 2007

One Positive Day: May

As you know, I like to start each month with positive news about businesses.

Brooks Brothers makes it easy for websites to become affiliates
. Follow the simple instructions, and you, too, can begin to earn money ... commissions range between 5% and 7%. Many online retailers practice this strategy, Brooks Brothers makes it very easy for the end user to sign up.

Bellacor has an RSS feed for their Clearance Center.

Tweeter has an Expert Advice section, available as an RSS feed (see the left side of the page). It looks like the feed is about a month old.

When you visit Monterey Bay Clothing Company's home page, you notice a different visual presentation than when visiting most sites. Based on this page, what form of marketing drives visitors to the home page?


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

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